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Promising the very best

With the launch of our fireworks into the grand night sky, we are actually aiming to touch your heart. The setting-off of these fireworks will generate such excitement that it will burst deep inside each individual. It is based on this fervent sentiment that we will endlessly pursue our aims.

Four promises

Safety of the world’s
highest level

Kato Fireworks products are made in-house to the upmost quality, meeting all stringent national safety standards of Japan.

They are safe to be used in any region, promising the world's highest level in quality with no misfires, premature or defective launches. In order to offer such accurate and well-controllable firework products, we are devoted to SAFETY in our everyday efforts.

The quality of every a

Our technical strength allows the magic of manipulating both vivid colors and the combustion velocity in a frame of a millisecond painting an artistically glamourous scene; the most dramatic moment can be experienced within a mere 1/10 of a second! You can count on us to furbish your Pyro Musical Show by effectively utilizing our technology for the apex of your production, where perfection really is a MUST.

Quality is indeed exactly what Japan’s Mikawa Hanabi demands.

Production & Collaboration

We are an elite team of 15 professionals, so small-lot productions are very welcome. Please trust our “footwork” to always be flexible, and let us create your own original Pyro Musical Show; ranging from planning to manufacturing, and then to bringing a show that is tailored to your personal preferences. Kato Fireworks will offer reliable ‘Made-in-Japan' fireworks produced by our Meisters (pyrotechnic experts), as well as traveling to places outside of Japan to launch our fireworks in collaboration with your choice of pyro technicians in your local region.


What has brought the Japanese fireworks to reach such an extent of intrinsic beauty and the status it stands on today is the 500 year old history of artisans dedicating their souls to gunpowder technology. In this modern 21st century world, where internationally everyone has closer access to each other, we still continue our ancestor’s tradition to uphold the mission to fascinate audiences all around the globe with Japan's artistic fireworks. Our strong passion promises to WOW anyone of any gender, whether young or old, and to simply deliver a truly unforgettable night for everyone.

High quality of handiwork artisans can be realized.