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The Production

For close to a century since its establishment, the artisans here at Kato Fireworks have seculely inherited and developed the traditional pyro-technology, quite unique to ourselves. Doing so, our passion serves as the drive to further perfect and sophisticate the art, and create new works that will touch everybody's hearts.

Grand Fireworks

Throughout our production process, our one aim is working towards ultimately bringing a greater excitement to the audience, making sure that every single shell or moment of our displays appears as “a fantastical picture” delivering a perfectly harmonized sphere of space of truly artistic beauty.

Four Seasons(Product's name :Season’s Snow)

Kato Fireworks has successfully developed “strobe stars” that flicker and glitter in original pastel colors. “Four Seasons” is an original presentation produced by us, containing a display of starry designs.

To illustrate the beauty of Japan’s four seasons, “The Season’s Snow” is a presentation inspired by the image of the snow, connoting the feeling and sentiments of snowflakes fluttering about elegantly in the night sky.

Pyro Mucsical Show

In comparison to other Pyro Musical Shows you may have seen up to now, the Kato Firework's Pyro Musical Show, a presentation comprised of exquisite artistic elements of Japan, will totally blow your mind away.

This is a show involving the collaboration of beautiful coloring effects and exquisitely symmetrical fireworks, which are highlighted by the effects of music and also various forms of lighting. The kind of magnificence felt by audiences owes not only to the precise ignition timing techniques, but also to the meticulous configuration of the fireworks themselves which are produced to the finest standards.

Performance of Grand Fireworks

Tezutsu Hanabi(Large Handheld Fountain Fireworks)

“Tezutsu Hanabi”, a traditional hand tube firework unique to the Mikawa region, has largely retained its original and time-honored authenticity. As well as experiencing the uniqueness of Japanese culture, the production offers an unequaled level of dynamism and splendor that cannot be experienced elsewhere.

About Tezutsu Hanabi

Tezutsu Hanabi (large handheld fountain fireworks) are a special type of firework in which a bamboo-crafted bucket is packed deep with gunpowder and wound with rope all around it. It is held upright in the arms of the performers. Flames rise up, sometimes as high as 10 meters, where the thrill is further accentuated by the climax, when a large noise is heard upon the last big burst of flame.

As each bucket is filled with approximately 1000 to 4000 grams of gunpowder (the handler needs to exercise extreme caution against possible fatal outcomes) it is a form of fireworks entertainment which challenges the limits to their extreme.

Tezutsu Hanabi not only brings forth truly entertaining show-like qualities but is also a part of Japanese culture deeply-rooted in divinity, that has been passed down through many generations as an important ritual.

Additionally, Tezutsu Hanabi bonds the local community together as it requires the collaboration of expertise skills and strong cooperative effort to manufacture it. It cannot be produced by one person alone. Accordingly, people form a community centered around their local deity wherein they maintain their own exclusive pyrotechnical culture, and thus the art of Tezutsu Hanabi is passed down through the generations.

Naturally, when our fireworks product is delivered into your hands, Kato Fireworks will handle everything from production to lift-offs. Please watch and enjoy the majestic gala of traditional Mikawa Hanabi brought before your eyes.

Performance of Tezutsu Hanabi